“TIKLA” LTD is a natural stone supplier with long-standing and proven experience in the extraction and processing of natural stone – gneiss. Which is suitable for decoration and gives a finished look for your cladding, lining, flooring, walls, paths, gardens, and many others. The main activity of our company is production, processing, and marketing of natural stone gneiss. The company has all kinds of documents, concessions, certificates of stone, etc.

Make your future investment with „TIKLA” LTD !

The main qualities and advantages of natural rock cladding from TIKLA Ltd.

  • High strength

  • Antistatic and incombustible

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Wide color range

  • Character and aesthetics

  • Long-term investment



The gneiss is a common and widely distributed type of rock formed by high-grade regional metamorphic processes, characterized by high strength, rough surface and resistance to temperature changes.
These physic-mechanical properties of gneiss ensure stable, durable and aesthetic results in constructions, revetments, flooring and decoration of exterior and interior spaces in your home.
The presence of different colors is determined by the mineral composition of the rock: white, gray, yellow, green, brown, etc.



The stone is a natural material that is used for constructions. He gives comfort, warmth and creates a sense of peace and harmony. The stone materials can change your home, office or garden in place full of beauty.
The gneiss covers are perfectly combined with wood, wrought iron, glass, marble that allowing each user to insert them according to their preferences.